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Cast : Radha Kulkarni, Milind Shinde, Umesh Jagtap & Nagesh Bhosle. Ajna Motion Picture Pvt Ltd
Nagesh Bhosle
Producer : Ajna Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Director : Nagesh Bhosle
Screenplay : Umesh Padalkar, Arvind Jagtap, Sapan Saran & Nagesh Bhosle
Cinematographer & Editor : Amarendra Bhosle.
Duration : 98 minutes Genre : Drama

Sadba and Parvi are chosen by the temple rituals to be the prime married couple to sit by the grand prayers adoring the Goddess. Sadba learns that, Parvi, is having an affair with his younger brother Mallappa. After the three of them narrate and explain each of their stories, the Panchayat (village council) gives an unusual verdict, one that surprises everybody whereby Parvi must marry the second brother, and live the life of a woman with two husbands.The villagers oppose Parvi’s marriage with twomen while turning a blind eye towards men with multiple wives. How will an orthodox patriarchal village deal with a rebellious Parvi with her two husbands?

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